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With the help of generous donors, Miracle Travel Works has been able to relieve the financial burden of many families as they travel to receive medical treatments for their ill children. Below are testimonials from some of the families we have helped.

Amber Raygo

You assisted my daughter Amber Raygo last fall. She needed to go to Mayo clinic every 3 months and have a surgery. She has since had the surgery and we now only have to go back yearly.

I cannot express my thanks to you. I have no idea how we would have made the trip without your assistance. I hope someday I can pass this assistance on to someone else. My daughters and I are beyond grateful. I made sure they all (ages 9, 10 and 16) were aware of this humbling gift. Being a single mother of 3, I had to bring the little ones with us on all of these journeys. Before your help, we would have to take additional non-nutritional items from the free breakfast from whatever the cheapest hotel we could find had and save them for snacks and lunch. With your help, my daughters were able to eat healthy nutritious meals at a safer hotel than previous.

Your kindness will never be forgotten and will always remain in all of our hearts. When my daughters asked who helped us I stated, “Angels”

Warmest regards,

Andrea, Amber, Destiny and Alexandrea


Barrett Talley

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), one form of juvenile arthritis, is actually quite prevalent, affecting more than 50,000 children in the United States alone. JIA is often referred to as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). Barrett has polyarticular JIA which affects five or more of his joints.

When juvenile arthritis first shows its symptoms in a child’s body, many parents write off swollen joints and fever as a flu bug, or think that a sudden rash might have occurred from an allergic reaction. The symptoms might even recede slightly before showing up again, sometimes delaying diagnosis for quite some time. After all, who expects a small child to have arthritis? This was the case with Barrett. The arthritis started in his feet (as an infant) and worked it’s way up his body to his neck and jaw.

Most people don’t know that kids get arthritis. A child’s immune system is not fully formed around the age of 18; so an “autoimmune” form of arthritis is especially aggressive in children, compromising their ability to fight normal diseases and leaving them open to complications that may affect their eyes, bone growth, etc.

We are greatly appreciative for all of the support that Miracle Travel Works has done for our family. The reimbursements have been a blessing with traveling to the University of Iowa Hospital for Barrett’s GI and Rheumatology appointments.

Elayna Sandeen

Our beautiful, smart, strong, kind, amazing, STRONG seven-year-old daughter Elayna is a cancer warrior. She has been fighting for over two years now and is on her second battle, having relapsed in fall of 2015. It is a long, heartbreaking, terrifying road that we are walking as a family and the stress is unimaginable for anyone who hasn’t been there with their child. The emotional, physical, and financial toll that this fight takes is huge. For us, the added burden of having to travel back and forth out of state for 6-8 weeks away from home was daunting.
As Elayna’s mother and primary caregiver, I haven’t been able to work since relapse. We spend more time in hospitals than out. This means that not only did we have to leave our home and travel for her to receive necessary care (in our case for high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant), we also had to worry about how to pay for it all. Then someone recommended Miracle Travel Works. The application process was easy and we were notified right away that we had their support for much of our travel expenses. That one weight was lifted, and we are so very grateful. We knew that we didn’t have to stress about the financial burden for that time and could focus on our daughter’s fight. That made all the difference.
Thank you, Miracle Travel Works.
Sandeen Family
West Des Moines, IA


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