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Thanks To Our Wonderful Donors

January 18, 2021 - February 28, 2021


Thank you, Donors!

2020 was a very hard year on all of us. However, it was especially hard for so many families whose children desperately needed medical care far from home. Our funds were strained keeping up with the record-breaking number of applications we received, but once again the generosity of our donors came through when it was needed the most. During December 2020, we held an online fundraiser called Making Miracles Happen (https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/mtw). Thanks to over 140 donors, we raised approximately $59,000. From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of the families already helped and to be helped soon, we’d like to thank everyone who donated during such hard times to help support these wonderful families in need.

While every single dollar, from every single donor, is important and impactful, we’d like to grant special recognition to some of the huge donors who gave so generously. (There were also some extremely generous anonymous donors who don’t appear on the list, but our sincere thanks go out to them as well!)


MTW Saints

Justin Sheeder

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Jen & Carl Castenson


MTW Miracle Workers

Scott Dale

Josh & Kelly Shull

Ryan & Alison Kauffman


MTW Heroes

Dan & Trish Patitz

Taylor Schrage

Dan & Donna Donovan

Justin & Kari Lantz

Mike & Jodi Prichard


We’d also like to give special thanks to those who went the extra mile by contributing their time and effort to form a fundraising team and bring in donors themselves. It’s through efforts like this that MTW can grow our donor base and continue to meet our fundraising challenges in the future!

Fundraising Team Founders

Josh DeLay and Sam Hendrickson

Chad Clayton

Joy Burk

Mark Ellison


Making Miracles Happen Donors

David Sundstrom

Cory Schultes

Renee Spratt

James Greufe

Robert LeMaire

Michael Dawson

Trent Rogers

Mark Williams

Paul Nelson

Angela Kiraly

Mark Scalise

Rebecca DeLay

Marcus Hefner

Srinivas Chaganti

Ryan Schutty

Mike Hart

Adam Perpich

Jim Karrh

Daniel Iddings

Christa Quinn

Ryan Marxer

Alissa Kruger

Brad Burnett

Cory Wiederin

Carolyn Chambers

Sue Kmet

Fred Hatler

Shellie Leder

Jeffery Molkentin

Michelle Neuman

Elizabeth Wallbrown

Scott Messinger

Michael Sundstrom

Bill Morris

Susan McCaskill

Veronica O’Brenski

Maribeth Miller

Marge Craig

Jessica Jefferson

Sophia Stephenson

Tina Halinski

Austin Julie Johnson

Andrea Green

Theresa & Steve Snyder

Pam Olson

Jen Balvanz

Sara Walters

Cheryl Cardin

R emil & Tannia Hecht

Angie Supple

Julia Kiley

Marra Pirtle

Deidre McCormack

Marc Stok

Abbie Vollmar

Ron and Jane DeLay

Sarah Rajski

Kevin Musgraves

Carla Chambers

Anthony Delgadillo

Kim Welsh

Andrew Larson

Bryant Prince

Jeff Ellis

Bret Ellington

Katie Huber

Natalie Schumacher

Joe Fritzjunker

Janet Harden

Linda & Jim Burk

Heather & Justin Greenlee

John Wharton

Ben Schwab

Del & Karen Moore

Tom & Tricia Neppl

Mark Ellison

Kari Lantz

Erik Banning

Cassie O’Brien

Allie Evans

John Dawson

Abbey Lyte

Betsy West

Mary West

Emily Naylor

Josh Heidemann

Caden Heidemann

Nikki Heidemann

Tenley Heidemann

Karen Epcke

Jacqueline Alarcon

Ian Hughes

Hannah Westphal

Melissa Hays

Sally Gorenz

Chris Bednar

Craig & Cathy Meimann

Licensing Financial Services, Inc.

Joseph Boswell

Tom & Tai Sprall

Michele Hanlon

Brady & Sarah Barthole

Leah Moyer

Dennis & Pattie Patitz

Rachel Silvestri

Shane & Karis King

Dan Dawson

George & Bridget Jaegers

Kylie Mickelson

Todd Bell


Eric Schultz

Kurt Backes

Anne Burmeister

Anshuman Nadkarni

Sam Hendrickson

Jesse Crawford

Seamus Wilkerson


January 18, 2021
February 28, 2021